The Tiny House I Built

This website started as a blog documenting the building of my tiny house, Ellen. The site name comes from an idea I wrote about in one of my earliest posts, that most Americans would be better off if they lived in simple, working class houses, the kind that their grandparents probably lived in, rather than the monstrosities that are commonly built in new subdivisions. There are inherent issues that come with a bigger house. All things being equal, bigger houses cost more, require more and more expensive upkeep, take longer to clean and have a bigger carbon footprint than smaller houses. Even worse, is their cost in time. People have to work longer hours to afford these oversized houses, have to spend hours mowing their lawns, and when a person has a bigger house they tend to spend more time in it, instead of going out in the world and doing things. Time is a non-renewable resource. You only have so much of it in your life, and when it's gone it's gone. No one ever died regretting that they hadn't spent more time mowing their lawn.

Here is a video I made about it on youtube:

And here's the reddit conversation where I'll maybe answer questions, if anyone asks:

And here are the archived posts from my [defunct] blog: