What am I going to do with a tiny house?

I think the simplistic answer would be to live in it.  That would be a lie.  Well, maybe not a lie, but a misleadingly curt response.  I do plan on living in it for a while.  As soon as I can in fact, before it's even finished.  For testing and experience.  Then I plan on moving it somewhere rural ( I have a place in mind near a lake) and living in it --hopefully with my partner and our daughter-- for the summer.  Extended testing.  Then... I'm not good at making plans too far into the future. They never seem to work out, but my general strategy is to after the summer either sell it and use the money to build something else, or buy some land and live in it as a "construction trailer" while I build a homestead.  Or something else.  I don't know.  I'm not Soviet Russia, I don't have a five year plan.

But this is something anyone building a tiny house should consider before they start: what to do with it when you don't want it anymore? What next?  Are you going to live in it forever?  Can you sell it if you choose to?  Find a permanent home for it?  It's never a good idea to design your house with the idea of making it sellable at some future date, because then you make decisions based on what some imaginary buyer would want, instead of your own needs.  But it's also wise to keep in mind that if you're putting in the time and effort to build a house that could last a hundred years,  you probably won't be it's only owner.  I plan on roughing in my house for a regular toilet and a sewer hookup, even though I don't plan on using either.  That way when things don't work out as expected, or "life happens", it's not a major pain in the ass to change things.  For example, I'd rather build an outhouse than make space for a toilet when square footage is at a premium... but I think most people would rather have indoor plumbing.  So try to plan ahead.