Still waiting on my trailer, but my design is "final"

Still no trailer.  Poor planning on my part, but c'est la vie.  In the meantime, I've been keeping busy  --I finished some stairs behind my in-law's house.  Check it out.

View of stairs from bottom of hill View of stairs from bottom of hill

View from the top of the stairs --the valley is really nice View from the top of the stairs --the valley is really nice!

I also ordered my windows and door recently, so I'm pretty much locked in to my design.  Here it is.

Front of the house Front of the house

The bathroom is on the left, underneath a loft bed. The woodburning stove --I found a nice one on Craigslist is directly across from the door. (I drew the handle on the wrong side of the door, and keep forgetting to change it.) The kitchen is on the right, underneath another loft bed.  There is a bump-out on the tongue of the trailer,  that will hold the refrigerator an-d utility closet, but be under the same roof.  The front loft will extend into the bump-out, so the mattress can be turned lengthwise.  The window to the right of the door will have a flower box under it, and the dining table will be behind that window.

Back of the house Back of the house

The one window in the kitchen is a big single casement.  A double casement would have been preferable, but the mullion was too wide, and it was too expensive. The shed dormer provides some headroom for a potential set of stairs to the rear loft, and allows for another (awning) window.  The large windowless area looks funny, but I think the house needed a solid section of wall on the inside, for bookshelves, stairs, maybe an armoire or a television. Whatever. The interior layout has already been largely dictated by the placement of the front windows, and I wanted to leave some flexibility.  My back wall provides that.  There should be plenty of natural light coming in with the windows I have, I don't need another.

Left side (rear of trailer) Left side (rear of trailer)

Not much to see here.  One small  awning window for light and ventilation.  The bathroom will be against this wall, so there will be a vent somewhere, but I haven't drawn it in.

The right side of the house (front of trailer) The right side of the house (front of trailer)

Also not much to see here.  A large awning window for the head of a bed, situated in the bump-out.

Floorplan Floorplan

And here's a final view of my floor plan.  Two small lofts at either side --I think in the end I could fit a queen size mattress in both of them, but a full would be more appropriate.  Each loft is over a room: the left loft over the bathroom, which will have a full-size tub, a sink and a composting toilet (or a regular one if I ever decide to hook it into a sewer or septic system).  The wood stove is right across from the door, but the chimney will be offset a little towards the front, for several reasons that aren't important right now.  The kitchen and dining room will be under the right loft; the kitchen counter will extend slightly into the living space, next to the stove. There is room for built in furniture, or stairs or a closet, but I don't see any point in committing to them yet.